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"SIMPLICITY is the keynote of all true ELEGANCE." - Coco Chanel

We are Jayson and Kristine, a husband and wife tandem who owns Project 3:16 Videography. 

Jayson does the leg work from filming to crafting all the moments together to form a timeless wedding film. Kristine, on the other hand, keeps everything well oiled on business side. 

Our style of filming leans toward simplicity. No massive equipment and no staging / posing you around.

We believe that letting your day unfold as it happens and not falsely create a moment are the best way to relive a wedding that you will enjoy watching in the years to come.

We blend in the background and rely more on composition and natural setup. 

We pay high respect over your wedding and we don’t want to take you away from your moment. We document your wedding in a discreet way possible, capturing the natural you and knit all the important moments in a cinematic film that matches the real story of you as a couple.

If you like a non-obtrusive type of filming or if you think we are a perfect fit and you wanna know how much the investment is,please get in touch with us.We love to know more about you.

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